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The head of the Naftalan City Executive Power got acquainted with the state of compliance with the requirements of the quarantine regime

25 June 2020 | 16:00

Necessary measures are being taken to implement the measures arising from the decision of the Operational Headquarters to ease some of the restrictions in the special quarantine regime and to combat the coronavirus pandemic, and awareness-raising and disinfection measures are being carried out regularly. Naftalan Mayor Vugar Novruzov and Police Chief Zaur Badalov got acquainted with the situation with compliance with the quarantine regime in the city, held preventive talks with residents and reminded them to protect their health by following the rules and recommendations. The city administration also distributed a set of medical alcohol, masks and gloves to the residents and advised them to follow the regular use of protective equipment - masks and gloves. In addition, pharmacies were inspected. Asked about the availability of medical masks, gloves and alcohol, the mayor was told that there are enough preservatives and disinfectants.